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From Quick Consultations to Remote Assistance to Onsite Support

Ministry Solutions Expert - we can help you remotely, onsite, or cloud-basedA good starting point when searching for solutions is our complimentary consultation. We will explore with you the challenges facing your church and provide ideas for possible solutions. You have no obligation to us beyond hearing our solution ideas (and even then you are not required to listen).

If you want our help implementing solutions, you’ll find that much of the work can be done by us remotely which is more cost-effective and provides you with expertise you might not find locally. We will provide a quote in advance for our services whether they are going to be done remotely or onsite.

Our Rates

An initial consultation with us is always complimentary.

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Our services are generally charged as a flat fee estimated on the scope of the project and time needed to complete it. For some service requests, an hourly charge may be more appropriate.

Types of Solutions

This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of our services but will give you ideas about where and how we can help.

Scheduling with Ministry Scheduler ProLet the experts at Ministry Solution Experts help you get started with Ministry Scheduler Pro software. Introduction to MSP (complimentary) — We listen to your description of what you currently use for scheduling: what’s working for you, what’s not, and your preferences. Then we’ll provide suggestions for how Ministry Scheduler Pro can be customized to solve your scheduling challenges and meet your needs as a cost-effective solution.
Up & Running (flat fee) — When you’re ready to make the transition to Ministry Scheduler Pro, we’ll work with you to set up the software with your ministries, service times, preference settings, and volunteer profiles (imported or entered individually).
Ongoing Scheduling (flat fee or hourly charge) — This could also be called Virtual Scheduler. The cloud-based features of MSP open up all kinds of possibilities for scheduling to be done remotely. The idea might be to get scheduling off of a staff member’s desk completely or, if scheduling is managed by volunteers (who may not be tech savvy), having someone with expertise serve as the overall Admin.
Other Technology Solutions Includes Communication tools to create an online presence (website, e-newsletters, social media) • Interactive online facility management calendars • Volunteer Scheduling • Auto-recording & posting homilies/sermons
Consultation (complimentary) — Despite how you may feel about it, you are not supposed to just know how to do all these things. Whether you are trying to take the first step or want to pull a lot of pieces together into a cohesive plan, call us for a complimentary initial consultation.
Implementation (flat fee) — What help do you need? Creating a communications plan? Publishing a monthly e-newsletter? Editing and posting weekend homilies?
Acoustic Treatments and Sound Systems for Worship Spaces Consultation (complimentary) — Finally … someone with the expertise and experience is going to explain to you why people keep complaining they can’t hear what’s being said during the service. Don’t let anyone talk you into adding speakers or turning up the volume until you speak with us!
Survey | Documentation | Installation (flat fee) — Read more about acoustics and sound systems to understand why you might elect to have a survey done, documentation provided, and assistance with installation.
Building Ministries & Participation Consultation (always complimentary) | Implementation (flat fee or hourly) — Check with us if you are looking for solutions for any of these areas (we have experience/success in all of them):
Growing volunteer participation in ministries
Creating a parish/church Mission & Vision statement
Kids Worship Team – a dynamic children’s ministry
Developing a meaningful (successful) Music Ministry
Liturgical Planning (including Liturgy ‘scripts’)

Take the first step

Get answers to your questions. Reach out to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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