Most disheartening comment heard spoken by a church volunteer or staff member:

“We’ve always done it this way”


Some people prefer routine. It’s their comfort zone and helps them feel in control of their lives. They’re not interested in change and might go out of their way to avoid it, even if change could save time or money (which would make it a solution).

We have never encountered a church whose mission & vision was to be outdated or inefficient. But non-pastoral tasks are often handled by volunteers or staff members who have been doing them for so long they may not consider there might be a better way. Or they don’t know how to look for a new way.

Why would a church need a Solutions Expert?

It takes someone who is solutions-focused to look at the current processes, suggest improvements and, most importantly, show how (or help) to actually implement new solutions. And for churches, it is especially important that anyone offering solutions also have a deep understanding of church operations.

At Ministry Solutions Expert, we enjoy introducing churches to 21st century solutions. We have been described by others as “idea people,” always looking for a better way to get things done. But we do not believe in change simply for sake of change. Rather, we are looking for solutions. A solution is change that is the fruit of an idea for improvement and has the expectation of successful results.

Idea | Change | Solution = Resistance

We have learned that solutions are always met with some level of resistance because there will always be people who only see the change and not the solution. Sometimes it may even escalate with lines being drawn and sides chosen. Our strength is helping others see the value of a solution and then guiding them through the stages to reach the solution. Having a neutral “3rd party” who is an expert in their field, who can engage both sides (or all sides) in transparent and pastoral discussions, will usually diffuse resistance or, at the very least, redirect resistance or anger to the expert and take the pressure off of the pastor or staff.

Our Areas of Expertise

Our background is rooted in 40+ combined years of church ministry service. We have experience with cloud-based ministry scheduling, interactive online facility calendars, digital communications and social media tools, training and coordinating liturgical ministers, music ministry, a dynamic worship program for kids, and acoustic treatments for worship space and sound system enhancement so the spoken Word can be understood (spoiler alert: it doesn’t mean adding speakers or turning up the volume).

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