Music is powerful. Science suggests musical memory is preserved in Alzheimer’s patients even if familial memories are gone. Music is not an accessory to the Mass, it requires equal attention with the Message. Uplift is the experience, the power of music reinforcing the Message. — Take a fresh look at your music program.

We took a survey at our parish asking those who came to Mass their thoughts about the quality of the music they heard at Masses and also the type of music and song selections. The results were interesting and set us on a particular course.

Who is Happy with Your Church’s Music Program?

In retrospect, the people we needed to survey were not in the church building. They were not attending Mass, at least not consistently. The most important question on the survey would have been, “Why?”

Use Music to Uplift

Listen to a Mass setting composed by Craig for Kids Worship Team with appealing and easy-to-learn melodies.

Mass Setting for Kids Worship Team

10:29 pm10:29 pm

The Steinway of St. Luke Catholic Church

Ask the right question, get the right answer.
Having been involved in the music department of several Catholic parishes over the last 39 years brings about a realization that, too many times, we become accustomed […]

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