Effective cloud based ministry scheduling with Ministry Scheduler Pro

Discover the Benefits of Effective Cloud Based Ministry Scheduling

“Schedules are tedious and time-consuming to prepare”
“I’m scheduled too often”
“I’m not scheduled often enough”
“I’m scheduled at 2 services on the same weekend”
“I’m scheduled in 2 ministries at the same service”
“I’m not scheduled with my family”
“I’m not scheduled at my preferred services”
“I didn’t know I was scheduled”
“I sent a message that I was unavailable”
“I have to contact too many coordinators when my family is unavailable”
“I couldn’t find a sub”
“It takes too much time to find a sub”
“I forgot”
“I can’t check my schedule until I get home”
“I wish someone had told me ________ was happening this weekend”
“I never got the new schedule”
“We don’t have the time to learn something new”

Auto-generate flawless schedules
Eliminate conflicts between ministries
Auto-schedule rotations and teams
Keep families together
Accommodate ministers’ scheduling preferences
Automatically send email and SMS reminders
Upload resources for easy access by Ministers
(Catholic churches) Link to USCCB’s daily readings
Leave online notes for all or specific ministries
Volunteers use online site or mobile app to:
— View Schedules
— Update profile and availability for self or family
— Request a sub or accept a sub request (reduces no-shows)
Track attendance, create Rosters, use Custom Fields and Custom Reports
Auto-create & print schedules for volunteers without internet or email
Ministry Leaders can schedule/manage their ministries
Easy learning curve for schedulers and volunteers
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Why is MSP the best 1st Step towards 21st century Solutions?

Churches have a built-in audience with ministry volunteers who usually give the most time and are most willing to help. Ministry Scheduler Pro is an out-of-the-box solution for scheduling and communications. Take advantage of this combination and move ministry scheduling to MSP. Volunteers access cloud-based schedules via the web or using a smartphone app. The church eliminates paper schedules, paper recruitment forms, and a big percentage of the calls and emails to the church secretary about scheduling. With the first successful 21st century Solution in place, your ministry volunteers become your advocates as you begin to move to your 2nd and 3rd solution steps.

Free Consultation
When it is difficult or frustrating to volunteer, less people will volunteer. When it takes more time to deal with your schedule as a volunteer than time actually spent volunteering, more volunteers drop out. You can turn these stats around by engaging your volunteers in the scheduling process. A solution like Ministry Scheduler Pro gives you and your volunteers the essential 21st century tools like mobile apps, cloud-based schedules, automatic text message reminders, and more! Your volunteers become more committed, no-shows decrease, and participation increases.
Using just the basic features of Ministry Scheduler Pro will make scheduling faster and easier for the person(s) doing the scheduling and more organized and accurate for your volunteers. It won’t be long before your scheduler(s) and your volunteers are ready for and looking for the features that customize MSP to meet the unique systems and needs of your church.
If the software you currently use to create schedules focuses on creating schedules but then you have to distribute them (paper or email) and then ‘you’ have to keep them updated and volunteers have to keep checking for newer versions or they might be using outdated versions, you need to take it up a notch. (Read Graduate from Spreadsheets).
When you go cloud-based, when you provide mobile apps, when schedules are in real time and volunteers can update their info 24/7 without having to call or email the parish office, then your scheduling process has become a communications tool. This is what we saw when our parish switched to Ministry Scheduler Pro.
People are willing to volunteer their time, but they don’t want to waste time. Don’t make it difficult for them to get the resources and information they need to serve in their ministry. With Ministry Scheduler Pro, readings, music, resources, instructions, and more can be linked directly to assignments and accessed via the app, text messages, online, or email links.
One of the best resources when considering new software is not only a person who is familiar with the software and has used it successfully, but also a person who can understand your scheduling needs and correlate those needs to how the software will work for you. That person is not always a current staff member or volunteer.

At Ministry Solutions Expert, we have the experience and background to help you identify possible solutions and assist you with making the best, most cost-effective choice for your church.

The learning curve to get current staff and ministers onto a new system can create a significant hurdle to the transition. Ministry Solutions Expert can provide whatever level of support you need to get your team through the learning curve and past hurdles.

From a complimentary consultation to setup assistance to ongoing management of your schedules, Ministry Solutions Expert is your link to a successful transition to Ministry Scheduler Pro.

We Offer Free Support

We start with a complimentary consultation to discuss your church and make sure MSP is a good match for you. If and when you make a decision to move forward with MSP, you purchase the software. You’ll receive MSP’s excellent U.S.-based technical support.

From Ministry Solutions Expert you receive free support and guidance on configuring MSP to match your church’s preferences. We do offer services we refer to as “Hands on Keyboard” where we actually set up your scheduling software and input/import your volunteer names, services, and ministries. There is a fee for Hands on Keyboard.

‘Test Drive’ Our Sample Schedules

Want to see how easy it is for a new person to log onto the web and view schedules? Log in as our imaginary music minister, Karissa Warmer. Simply click the MSP button below and use the username and password.

Click the MSP image below or scan the QR Code to access the sample schedules. Use this username and password:

Username: kwarmer

PW: music

View sample schedules of Ministry Scheduler Pro Test Drive our sample schedules. Log into the MSP Web Terminal for Ministry Solutions.

Free Consultation

Get started with a Free Consultation

Free Consultation

Disclosure: When a church we are working with purchases Ministry Scheduler Pro, we receive compensation from the software company. This is why we are able to provide free support and guidance to churches in configuring their MSP software. There is an additional fee to a church who retains us to do “hands on keyboard” setup of their MSP database.