Christianity and Technology in the 21st Century

According to Pew Research Center for Religion & Public Life the world’s population will increase by 2.4 billion people between 2010 and 2050. But the population of Christians in the United States will decline from about three-quarters to two-thirds.
Today’s tech industry focus is mobile platforms. Consider this recent statement by a Microsoft VP, “Our goal is to better help people manage and make the most of their time in a mobile-first, cloud-first world.”

What are the 50 & 60 year olds of 2050 doing today?

Teens with Smartphones
Teens using 2+ Social Media sites
18-29 year olds using Social Media
Data for Teens from Pew Research Center  ♦  Data for 18-29 year olds from Pew Research Center

It’s time for Churches to get off the fence about Technology & Social Media

Perhaps it feels like your parish is tech savvy because it has a website, a Facebook page, and you send out a weekly email of parish activities (hopefully not on a Gmail account). It’s a nice start, but 52% of online adults are using two or more social media sites. Your Communications Plan has to be bigger than a website, Facebook, and Gmail. You may feel too busy now, but the alternative is having lots of time on your hands in 2050.
Who are you actually reaching right now? Have you checked? It’s common to hear a church say it wants to connect with ‘younger’ people and get them involved in ministry. Are you adopting solutions so you can meet the younger generations in the 21st century? Or are you set in your ways about how things get done at church and don’t feel a need to ‘fix what ain’t broken’? (Hint: if young adults and teens drop out of your programs, you may be channeling the 1990’s or, worse, 1980’s)

We can help you with 21st Century Solutions

Your message has to stand out and be heard. Churches have the most important message of all. As Pope Francis said, “Among the possibilities offered by digital communication, the most important is the proclamation of the Gospel.” About the internet and technology, the Holy  Father went on to say, “it is essential to be present, always in an evangelical way, in what, for many, especially young people, has become a sort of living environment …”

There are a lot of great solutions out there: mobile, cloud-based, and apps. Ministry Solutions Expert can give you ideas to help you select which ones are right for you and get you on track to implement them with as quickly and easily as possible.

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We recommend your first step be moving your ministry scheduling to a cloud-based system: Ministry Scheduler Pro. Your most accessible and amenable group for something new will be your volunteer ministers. MSP is an out-of-the-box solution and doubles as a communication tool. Once you get your ministers on-board, you can move to the next step.

Take the Best 1st Step

A Mission & Vision Statement is next, if you don’t already have one. The M&V will help form your Communications Plan. Please don’t rush to create a bunch of social media accounts without having a plan. The M&V and Communications Plan may be challenging to write. We have experience and prefer to use the ‘role & result’ approach. Connect with us for a free consultation if you would like to know more.

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When you have successfully established Ministry Scheduler Pro in your parish, we suggest expanding to your non-liturgical volunteers with Volunteer Scheduler Pro. We also stress the importance of an online interactive calendar for facilities management (again, we’re talking cloud-based).

Other solutions include Meaningful Music Ministry, Kids Worship Team, Acoustics Treatment for Church Spaces, and other digital tools. Please reach out to us if you have questions or ideas.

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