Use Volunteer Scheduler Pro for fundraisers like a Pancake Breakfast

If you have ever been the organizer for a pancake breakfast fundraiser, you probably already have a list of the jobs which need to be done: Setup, Cooking, Servers, Cashiers, and Cleanup.

And within those broad descriptions, you probably have some very specific tasks to be done. Cleanup, for example, could include dishwashing, table clearing, floor mopping, tables/chairs breakdown, trash removal, etc.

Create all of these positions in Volunteer Scheduler Pro and assign shifts for each. Then have your volunteers go to the Web Terminal to sign up.

There are some interesting benefits to using VSP that you may not have considered:

  • You might be surprised by the jobs chosen by your volunteers. Unpopular jobs, like trash and mopping floors, could actually be more popular than you thought. Some people prefer straightforward assignments to more ‘creative’ jobs like setting tables.e
  • With jobs clearly assigned in advance, everyone can get right to work rather than standing around waiting to be told what to do. This also takes the pressure off the ‘crew supervisors.’
  • Be sure to schedule shifts for advance work like pre-selling tickets after Mass a week or so prior.