Ministry Scheduler Pro lets you customize its features so you can make it work the way that is best for your church. That also means there are some decisions which have to be made about how you want to use the program.

Assignment and Swap (sub) requests

There are a number of ways to let your ministry volunteers know about unfilled positions or requests for subs. When someone is willing to fill one of these positions, they use a link (on the website or on the mobile app) to accept the position and it sends a ‘web form’ to MSP. That brings us to decision time:

Do you want MSP to auto-process the web form and fill the position or not?

You turn this feature on or off, according to your preference, in the Web Terminal Settings.

msp_auto-process_feature_assignments Use Web Terminal Settings in Ministry Scheduler Pro to turn the auto-process feature for swap requests on or off.

There are a lot of things to consider, not the least of which is if you have lots of volunteers and there are going to be lots of web forms coming in, you may want to let MSP auto-process the web forms to handle the workload. But this may also create a ‘first-come, first-served’ culture amongst your ministers and not everyone is able to respond to emails or text messages at all times.

“Let the new guy have a chance!”

For our church, a good ‘problem’ caused us to choose not to auto-process: our ministers loved serving and were so good at making sure all positions were covered that we never had any openings for newly trained ministers. So if someone submitted a sub request, we could manually plug in a new person before someone else snatched up the position.

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