Linda is fun and interesting. She’s always thinking and there is a depth to her thinking unlike anyone I’ve ever known. She’s a collaborator, knows how to lead, and is always up for a challenge. She inspires my creativity. I’ve employed hundreds of people over the years. If I was still running companies, I’d hire Linda to be my rep to take my companies to a new level.
Jim Ward, Entrepreneur / Investor
Linda brings technology into what are traditionally non-tech environments and can do it while maintaining a people-centered focus. She invests time in others to teach them and help them to adapt to new ways. She is all about making things as efficient as possible so everyone can relax and have fun.
David Allain, Systems Analyst / Pastoral Council President
Linda has the ability to see what needs to be fixed and then go ahead and make the fixes, despite the tremendous work involved. Linda handled logistics for 6 different music groups and assorted musicians. We were all able to enjoy ourselves because everything we needed was taken care of by Linda in advance. She made it seem easy.
Monica Harle, Professional Pianist
I watched Linda, over a 5-year period, manage a church website and social media sites. She is very cognizant about search engine optimization and the importance of linking with social media. Linda made it look effortless. Given my background, I understood what was involved, but most people did not have a clue of the magnitude of work that Linda was doing nor how well she was doing it.
Kris Yandl, President, Business Information Technologies
Linda is savvy, assertive, and proficient, with a great organizing skill set.
Thom Barry, Actor, Cold Case, The Fast and The Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious
Linda’s competency level is so high. She’s an idea person, always looking for ways to make things better.
Rev. Robert Camuso, former Pastor; former Art Director

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