Solutions Expert: Craig Rantz

Craig Rantz is owner of Rantz Rhythmz. He custom builds Mandolins and Ukuleles. Visit him at


Musical Talent

Linda will say that Craig has gigantic musical talent, but zero ego. That’s usually unheard of in musicians and must be why Craig has been blessed with such a beautiful voice. It’s not just that his voice sounds good; people who hear him sing say it sounds like it is coming from heaven.

A professional pianist said of Craig that he is her favorite musician with whom to play music. He is known for being very generous with his gifts: encouraging others to sing lead, teaching chords or harmonies, playing backup or even playing a different instrument so others can stick with what they do best.

Ministry Experience

If you don’t count his time as an altar boy, Craig’s first ministry for the Church was playing guitar and singing at the folk Mass. (Remember those?) Besides singing and playing, Craig is a songwriter. When a pastor mentioned a love of bluegrass music, Craig wrote a Mass setting in bluegrass style and a couple times a year the parish would have a Bluegrass Mass. For the Kids Worship Team Choir, Craig wrote an upbeat and uplifting Mass setting which was perfect for kid voices and was used at all the school Masses.

Sound and Acoustics

One of Craig’s degrees is in sound engineering. Combined with his ear for music/sound and his experience with church liturgy, this has made Craig a unique expert for dealing with the problem of poor acoustics in many Catholic churches. The common mistake made by churches is reaching out to sound companies who tend to want to add speakers and turn up the volume. Craig works with acoustic engineers to properly diagnose and treat the worship space (and usually remove some speakers).

From Model Builder to Instrument Builder

A model builder as a kid, it’s not surprising that Craig is now building musical instruments. The picture above shows a mandolin and a tenor ukulele built by Craig.

Nor is it surprising that he can frequently be found singing for seniors at retirement homes and care facilities or giving guitar lessons to kids. Learn more about Craig at his other site: Rantz Rhythmz.