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In serving others, it is frequently the church that becomes weary.

There are too many roles to fill at a church and too much expertise needed to keep up with today’s changing world. Staff members and volunteers cannot know it all nor do it all.

At Ministry Solutions Expert, we are the expertise you needed, the solution you were looking for, and the extra pair of hands. From providing churches with ideas and inspiration, to jumping on board as consultants, we can help you move forward towards your mission and vision.

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Solution Services

The Joyful Work of Craig and Linda Rantz

It was while serving the Church in ministry that Craig and Linda were blessed to cross paths. They knew almost immediately they would spend the rest of their lives together. They have continued to serve together in ministry with their individual talents complementing the other’s to form a dynamic team. They find joy in each other and joy in working as a team to bring solutions to the Church.

Solution Services
Linda Rantz
Linda RantzMinistry Solutions Expert
Linda is a solutions person to her core, with a strong digital influence. She has an ability to review a process, simplify it, and communicate the solution. Those abilities, combined with Linda’s understanding of church systems, allows her to adapt technology and create 21st century solutions for churches. Linda advocates the “Reach, Not Fetch” approach to church communications and social media. (Ask her about it.)

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Craig Rantz
Craig RantzSolutions Expert, Live Sound & Acoustics Technician
Craig is multi-talented and it seems all talents lead back to music. He is a musician, singer, songwriter, and instrument builder. He has been a school teacher (among other subjects, he taught music). His degrees include Special Education and Sound Technology. He has been instrumental to the installation of acoustic treatments in several parishes in the Seattle Archdiocese.

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