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Message, Connect, Uplift, and Evangelize (MCU-E)

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What draws or keeps people going to church?

It is frequently said that three primary factors influence a person’s choice of church:


Homilies/sermons (relevant to their lives)


Hospitality (they feel welcomed)


Music (more specifically, good music)

What draws or keeps people at a church?

Trends show the approach to homilies, hospitality, and music needs updating.

We define this as the MCU-E solution:

Message, Connect, Uplift,

“Homily” is an autonomous event presented in 10-20 minutes on Sunday mornings and heard by those in attendance. Message is bigger.Message
“Hospitality” has meant smiling greeters and a welcoming environment for those at Mass. Connect reaches beyond the building and engages.Connect
Music is powerful. It requires attention equal to the Message. Uplift is the total experience of sound, sight, and smell, reinforcing the Message.Uplift

and then, Evangelize.

Why are we not sharing our faith?

Change your focus from Homilies, Hospitality, and Music to Message, Connect, and Uplift. Then today’s 15 to 25 year olds will find their way to church, in their own way, and it will be relevant for them. Evangelization is as simple as living our faith.Evangelize